Planet Savers

PRETTY EXCLUSIVE is building a Spiritual Community of Conscious individuals seeking to actively work on becoming the best versions of themselves and doing what they can to make the world a better place. Both together and individually. If you feel you were born here and now to enhance the world and have the burning desire to be part of a Spiritual Tribe that is made up of others also here to save the world... You are most likely considered someone known as a ‘PLANET SAVER’.

We are looking to gather a local group in Los Angeles, California as well as a global group of spiritual people worldwide:

to participate in local and global volunteer work, meditations, spiritual processes and sacred ceremonies to connect directly to God, Heaven and Nature for personal Enlightenment and Soul Growth, world peace, clarity and guidance, abundance and deep wound healing. We will learn how to set practical goals and create effective and customized intentions to support a Divinely connected and spiritually rich life. We will send love, comfort, energetic support and compassion to all of the people and animals in the world, to specific local and global events and situations... along with a long list of other fun, powerful and super Divine activities, both in groups and individually

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